What the f*ck is happening?

I’m sixteen, homeschooled and completely overwhelmed. I followed the US election with little interest as I live in New Zealand and I thought “Pshh it doesn’t impact me where I live.” I thought (as a female) it might be a cool thought to have a female as President of the United States because what the f*ck, equality b*tch. I regarded it as a media fest, a distraction something that everyone could use as an icebreaker at parties or on a date. “So Trump eh…yeah.” It makes a nice change from the weather.

Then Trump goes and does a lot of stupid sh*t. I felt a tad left out because everyone else in the world was angry at the stupid sh*t he had done and I am not very active on any social media so I had no idea what the big deal was. Then I found out.I’m just a kid right? I don

Refugee bans? Walls? General misogyny and assholeyness? Wow had I been missing out. At first, I was angry. I was angry for all the people he is hurting, all the anger sadness and confusion he’s causing. Angry for the children he’s separating from their parents. Angry for the families separated from their history.

But, I’m just a kid I thought. I’m a little girl living on the other side of the world in the middle of the ocean with no way of helping dramatically. Because let’s face it when we want to help we want everyone to know that we helped. We want to go down in the history records as “The Person that Made a Big Difference.” I have barely any political knowledge, no following of people I can influence through my media and three friends (two of which are my parents).

Then I got scared. They say fear is a good motivator and by god it is. I, of course, realise that humans will always have some big impending doom they feel that they have to worry about. Just look at any history book…like ever.

I was watching a youtube video about Trump and the recommended next video was something along the lines of “Trump = World War 3”. World War 3…nahhhh. Surely that’s not possible…like World War was my great grandfathers story. That was his time, not mine. We are definitely smarter now I thought. But are we? It seems like we might not be.

We should be thinking about ways we can create more beautiful things, exploring space, ending poverty. We should be teaching our children, our parents, our friends, to be kinder to one another. It seems that our elders are getting drunk on the power of authority. They believe they are right in their beliefs. Why is it that teachers in school, are just accepted as ‘right’ all the time. Why is it that presidents in far off countries can have such a big impact on our possible futures. Why is it that we allow people in positions of authority to corrupt our world views and core values? Why do we allow age to stop us from doing something spectacular?

I don’t know if anyone will read this let alone anyone who shares my views or can even understand my unstructured way of blogging, but if you’re out there any you are scared and overwhelmed but want to help, know you are not alone. I don’t know how we will make a spectacular difference, but if you want to try…we need to talk.